Videos from recent activities

This is a video created by Mark Mullen MD after his trip to Uganda to investigate and help the Pygmies of Uganda who were expelled from their ancestral home because they were depleting the species wild animals on which they survived for thousands of years. Unfortunately no provisions were made for THEIR survival, and their culture has been irreparably damaged. So the Ugandan government acted protect the precious wildlife but ignored the Pygmies. And yes they are genetically short of stature.


This is the video created by Kevin O'Fee MD as a senior medical student at St Louis University Medical School after his mission to Bangkok Thailand in Feb 2019.


This is a video created by Clayton Southern MD from the St Louis University after his mission to Antigua, Guatemala in 2019.


This is a video of the medical mission of Dr Sumit Arora to New Delhi in 2017. It shows a senior medical student who made the extraordinary commitment of going to the Third World for four weeks to learn. He is now doing an emergency medicine residency in Florida.


This is a video of the saving of a 29 year old African woman with supplies sent to Cameroon by the foundation.


This is the first video ever shot at the Nyakibale Hospital in Rukungiri, Uganda. They need a new 50 bed surgical ward. Within two months after this video was produced in May 2016, it was viewed 20 times, and a single donor stepped forward to fund the entire project. Now in March 2017 it has been built and is operational.

This video is from a professional company and features the host of What's My Line, John Daly. He did a documentary, Peabody award winning, on Dr Dooley.

This is a professional video shot by John Daly as host, about Tom's efforts in Laos with interviews of Tom at the end.