Book Five Dr Phil Utz, MD

Book Four  

In Book Five Chapter One is an interview with Dr Phil Utz, now 90 years old, but when he was a junior and senior at Notre Dame, he lived across the hall from Tom Dooley. They both hungout together and continued their friendship in med school. Phil was at Tom's funeral.


In Book Four Chapter Two we bring to you the ABC TV broadcasting of The CC Criss Award on November 22, 1959 broadcast nationwide. CC Criss and his brother were physicians who started one of the first health insurance companies in the US, primarily for farmers, and was located in Omaha Nebraska. CC and Mabel Criss created a foundation to support various organizations and even today the University of Nebraska University Library is called "The CC and Mabel Criss Library." This award was given to a humanitarian. The 1959 winner was Dr Tom Dooley. Present at the dinner was Fred Astaire, Dr Charles Mayo, Jr, Don McNeil, and General Jimmy Doolittle. Dr Dooley and Gen Doolittle sons were contemporaries in St Louis living in the same neighborhood.

Dr Albert Schweitzer MD, the first Jungle Doctor in history, was also a winner of the CC Criss award. The moderator, Bob Considine, a journalist in the 50s says exactly that in his speech.

President Dwight Eisenhower sent a personal letter of congratulations which is read aloud on the show.

For those of you who do not know Jan Clayton, she was an singer and actress on the stage in the 50s.