Description of the Foundation


The Dr. Tom Dooley Foundation is a 47 year old non profit whose mission is to implement the vision of Dr. Dooley (1927-1961) to provide medical care to people in the Third World. Dr. Dooley died of cancer at age 34, and the foundation was created by his team of volunteers, namely Teresa Gallagher and Tom's brother Malcolm Dooley, US Air Force, Captain (ret) in 1972. At the time of his death 94 doctors worked for his vision in 26 countries.  and were delivering medical care to the people of the Third World. Today the foundation is currently working in 13 African countries, while efforts in Asia have ceased. The foundation has two endowed scholarship programs at two US Med Schools, St Louis University Med School and University of New Mexico pediatric residency program.

The TIME Magazine Man of the Year 2014 was The Ebola Fighters; and the physician on the cover is Dr. Jerry Brown, a 2013 graduate of the Foundation’s program in Cameroon.